Really enjoyed a visit to Devizes last week to speak at the Wiltshire ICT Team Day. What better than to spend time in the company of Tim Rylands and Sarah Neild and to catch up with ex-ICT coordinat0r colleague Bob Harding?

I stumbled into ICT many years ago as an English teacher amazed by the ability of these strange new devices (the BBC micro and then the Acorn Archimedes) to enable communication, to access audiences and to change, for the good, the nature of teaching and learning in my classroom. At the time I knew nothing about the technology and there was much to learn. Bob was brilliant in helping me to get to grips with all of this – supplying information, technical advice and lots of encouragement. Many years later, it’s good to see Bob still continuing this with ICT Nuggets – a blog well worth a visit. I’ve just learned, for example, that I can now post to this blog via email. Been doing this with Posterous for quick blogging and podcasting work (it’s excellent) but so glad to see this in WordPress. Thanks for the tip Bob.