I haven’t devoted as  much time to the blog as I should but I’ve noticed that many bloggers begin with an apology for not posting recently so perhaps I’m not so out of step… Anyway, the start of a new term, new opportunities and new challenges after a summer of relaxation, work and mixed weather. During the break, I tried to combine all three in one mini-project where I took advantage of the gaps in the summer rain to do a bit of walking and record progress using some easy-to-use GPS and then post to a free website service – the result: The Cotswold Way…


I would have tried the same thing to record my journey when I was lucky enough to visit Boston, USA to provide some training and insight on UK education. Northwest Airlines (bless it) decided to lose my luggage (containing the GPS tracker) for 48 hours though, so that didn’t work out. Boston’s a great city to visit though and well worth spending a day following the Freedom Trail and taking a boat trip to George’s Island.




That’ll do for now…