It’s a long time since I was in Norwich so I took the opportunity to mooch around a bit. Pleasantly surprised by the mix of old and new – bus stops with live information displays in the same street as the castle. It’s hard to miss the cathedral so naturally thought I’d pay a visit. A beautiful place and made all the more beautiful by the choral evensong I happened to chance upon. Very restful and peaceful.

Norwich Cathedral

More of the ancient and new is mixed in the cathedral’s pretty good website too.

I was in the east for the Norfolk ICT Conference and found myself in the illustrious company of Russell Prue and John Davitt. Lots in both their presentations… but John shared his Learning Event Generator which is now or soon to be available on the i-phone, and Russell demonstrated the power of dedicated school-based radio.  A big thank you to Russell for helping solve the random sound problems caused by Vista’s sound system. Note to self, use XP for future presentations… Thanks to Judy in the Norfolk team for all her help too.