“OK – hands up if you use the Internet for any of the following: booking flights and holidays; shopping; comparing prices; email; web-browsing; watching BBC programmes with i-player; banking, buying insurance; lesson-planning… My guess is that most of you reading this use the Internet for at least some of these.  It’s part and parcel of our lives today. Increasingly, it’s a part and parcel of children’s lives too…”

That’s how I began the first of two short articles on e-safety for Junior Education.

This question of e-safety is playing a lot on my mind at the moment. One, my  recent botjacking experience. Two, reading The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It. Three, working with trainee teachers on the PGCE programme where awareness and knowledge of Internet risks haven’t been as high as I’d imagined they might be. Indeed, it seems as if it’s going to fall to ICT teachers to be up-to-date on the issues and resources and bring a good understanding of e-safety into schools – will other secondary school departments see it as part of their responsibility? Hmm… Finally, it’s Safer Internet Day!

Lots of materials around to support this and, as so often, some thought-provoking reading on the subject is available at Terry Freedman‘s invaluable site, where my recent botjacking experience even gets a mention!