The postie arrived at the weekend with the return package from and I unwrapped the slim publication of short stories with some excitement. Hmm… The process of creating the book online had not been too difficult but I probably rushed things slightly and noticed a typo. Lesson learnt – print out and properly proof read work before committing it to publication.

Main reason for feeling deflated? It was the physical quality of the book that was the disappointment. Here’s a photograph of it on a black background.

Book created by

There’s a nice gloss finish to the cover but the paper is thin and curls easily. You can see it curling in the photo. You might also be able to see a thin white stripe on the right hand edge of the cover. It’s not been trimmed properly…

Good concept but poor execution. I’m prepared to give it one more shot with another project but I’m feeling less enthusiastic about it now.