To return to the earlier theme of 7 Cs – one of which was creativity…

There’s been a lot of interest in and it certainly looks as if it has potential for writers of all genres and audiences. But there’s not been much discussion that I’m aware of for its educational potential. Imagine if you want to create a class anthology or poetry, short stories, discursive writing etc… Conventionally it’s pretty difficult and involves a lot of patience at the photocopier and binding machine – hardly the most professional of results. True – the web, blogs and wikkis do allow great opportunities for expression of the pupil voice but there’s also something magical about the feeling of the printed word. This is where lulu might have a place – a relatively easy way of creating professional printed publication on a scale appropriate to schools and classes. It’s something I’ll be exploring over the next weeks.

I got to thinking about this seriously as recently I have been helping to ‘edit’ some of my mother’s writing. She’s a really good writer – with a light touch, humour and insight. I’ve also tried to publish a couple of her short stories. All worked easily enough and the finished book should be with us in a day or two. I know what the writing is like (good) so I’m really interested in the quality of the artefact. It will be an interesting test of Lulu. Incidentally, I’ve created a blog for mum – you can find it at